And sometimes life gets in the way…


While I’d planned to stay fairly on schedule running-wise over the course of the last week, I ultimately faced what sometimes happens to most (non-elite) runners: a blocked up schedule due to the holidays, illness and travel. My master plan was to tackle a 26 mile week for the weeks before and after Christmas. This was, admittedly, a lofty goal, considering the fact that the longest run I’ve ever done in my hometown was 8 miles and the fact that I’m currently travelling to Alaska for my cousin’s wedding on January 1st. A difficult schedule, to be sure, but not impossible or irrational. Plans with friends and family caused me to shift my focus. I’d simply planned to shift my runs by a day or so. My immune system, however, had other plans.

Suffice it to say, this entire weekend was a bust thanks to a stomach bug. I’d planned on a long-run for yesterday, which I actually spent wrapped in my brand-new Snuggie after packing for today’s flight, a task which I’d initially planned for Sunday. I decided to bag the remaining runs for this week in the interest of sanity and health.

The difficulty now will be squeezing in any runs in the Alaskan interior. I’m hoping that my uncle (a major in the Army) knows of a place where I can steal a treadmill for a few hours for a few days over the next week or so. Otherwise, I’ll be running circles in my aunt’s driveway in an attempt not to lose cardiac fitness. I’d love to run outside, but I’m not sure even my Scandinavian blood will be able to take the freezing temperatures.

I’ll post an update (hopefully) if I find somewhere to run.


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