Lazy days and Independence Day



Finished – Charles Reade’s A Woman-Hater

Run – .5 miles

Zumba – 1 hour

Great class. Managed to get slightly better night’s sleep the night before, so getting up for class was less of a chore than usual.

Finished Charles Reade’s A Woman-Hater (1877). Learned that if you flirt with ballet dancers when your opera singer wife has stepped out of the room, you will break your spine and die.


Finished – Henry James’s The Bostonians

Run – .5 miles

Body weight circuit – x2

Zumba – 1 hour

Finished Henry James’s The Bostonians before lunch. I felt pretty mixed about it (I read it because there’s a woman doctor in it for about 50 pages), but it was overall not bad. I went to the gym after a long-ish day of working on an article and intended to use it to clear my head, since the revisions on this thing were killing me. Got in a .5 mile warm-up and two rounds of the body weight circuit before I headed to class. I fully (fully!) intended to stay, but our usual teacher was out, and I REALLY didn’t want to deal with a sub. So, I went home, worked for a little, practiced German and did a home-brew Zumba class. This was my favorite song I did (don’t ask me how I found it, because I legitimately have no idea):


Run – 2 miles

I spent the day doing some work and running some errands (including five loads of laundry. Oi). Kept the run short, since my legs were still feeling a little beat up from the day before.


Run – 2 miles

Celebrated the holiday a day in advance with some fireworks, food, and friends at Blossom Music Center, but preceded it with a two mile run.


the girls



Gym closed. Took the day too sleep late and laze around reading and writing before bingeing on “Twin Peaks” in the evening.



This was supposed to be a race day (5K), but I accidentally shut my alarm off before I woke up for the race. Wah wah. Felt pretty weird the rest of the day – didn’t sleep well – so spent most of the day packing for Hawaii and cleaning.


Run – 2.5 miles

Body weight circuit – x2

First day of summer teaching, and it felt nice (if a bit harried) to get back into the swing of teaching a class. Worked on the article I’m presenting at NAVSA next week – hoping to get the full version drafted tomorrow.

Total miles: 7.5

Total books: 2


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